Salvia Medical Sciences Ltd. is an innovative and pioneering civilian-private company founded in 2017 to conduct extensive education research in health and academic publishing. As a part of its cutting-edge research and development initiatives, the company aspires to advance the frontiers of medical science and disseminate knowledge. The team of highly skilled and experienced professionals at Salvia Medical Sciences Ltd. is committed to exploring new medical research and publishing avenues to improve health and well-being worldwide. Due to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, it has earned a reputation as one of the leading companies in medical research and publishing, and it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting and dynamic area.

Our Services

Health and Academic Publishing


Providing high-quality professional services in publishing scientific journals and research to universities, research centers, and researchers

Medical Research

Assisting in preparation and enrolment of medical research studies from the first steps until the end phase of publication and implementation


Developing e-Learning courses for health professionals for continuous professional development programs as an essential part of practice in this field

Knowledge of Healthcare

Provision of a knowledge base for healthcare for the public and the general population and for healthcare professionals.


  • Aid to promote innovation in medicine and biology fields.

  • Facilitate producing a product or serve a service based on knowledge or innovation.

  • Consult with individuals and groups to be innovative and industrialize your own ideas/inventions.

  • E-learning in start-up and entrepreneurship fields.


  • Make a global innovation network in medicine and biology scopes.

  • Recruit numerous inventors or innovative companies as our members.

  • Promote social justice in learning of innovative and being innovative people or groups.

  • Reduce price of learning in start-up and entrepreneurship fields.


Connecting the World, One Event at a Time


Unlocking Your Story, Empowering Your Vision

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